Bb Clarinets For Purchase

  • Yamaha YCLCSVR Professional Bb Clarinet
    Yamaha YCLCSVR Professional Bb Clarinet

    The Yamaha CSVR clarinets are the result of years of development dedicated to a clearly focused concept: crafting a Custom clarinet that has a beautiful sound, consistent quality, and an affordable price. Both student and professional clarinetists require a rich sound and comfortable playability. These qualities were combined with the high level of consistency that only Yamaha can provide, allowing clarinetists to demand a higher standard than ever before! The Custom CSVR clarinets were specifically designed with the input of professional clarinet educators. Product evaluations were held in major cities across the country, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Boston. Time and time again, the Custom CSVR clarinets proved to meet and even exceed evaluators' expectations for tone, response and intonation. Combined with Yamaha's high standards for quality and consistency, these new CSVR clarinets are exceptional instruments, ideal for clarinet students and also professional performers and educators.

    Refined for Freedom of Expression

    The CSVR clarinet has been carefully refined to give players unrivalled freedom of expression. A number of significant changes have been made to the instrument’s design that allow the CSVR to deliver a clarinet that meets clarinetists’ expectations for a higher standard of clarinet. With its beautiful tone, rich expressive qualities throughout the dynamic range, and exceptional presence, the CSVR sets new standards in professional clarinet craftsmanship.

    Model: YCLCSVR
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Price: $3,089.99
  • Yamaha YCLSEV Pro Custom V-Series Bb Clarinet
    Yamaha YCLSEV Pro Custom V-Series Bb Clarinet

    The SEV features wider tonehole width, tapers and undercuts for a warm, round tone with an abundance of rich overtones. It blends easily with other instruments, yet is equally suitable for solos, with a remarkably resonant tone that's full of life.

    Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut

    Each tone hole is individually hand-tapered and undercut for optimum tone quality, intonation, and uniform response throughout the instrument's range.

    Bridge key design

    Eliminates damage to the bridge key mechanism

    Select grenadilla

    The body materials are hand-crafted from prime wood stock for optimum stability.

    Integral tone holes

    Integral tone holes are carved directly into the body of the instrument, achieving uniform resonance and response as well as rich tone color.

    New bell design

    The taper inside the bell is more open to provide for a round, full sound.

    Available feature

    The YCL-SEV clarinet is available in the key of A. (YCL-SEVA)

    Model: YCLSEV
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Price: $2,769.99