ANNRM48 Fuller's Music Annual R&M Coverage - $48/annual

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Our Replacement and Maintenance Plan provides excellent and affordable coverage for your instrument against loss or theft, as well as pay for repairs that come with normal use of the instrument. R&M is available as a one-time annual payment for straight instrument purchases.

R&M coverages can be renewed for as many years as you would want to continue this coverage. If your instrument turns up lost or stolen, just get us a copy of the police report and we will provide you with a replacement instrument of equal value to the one that you had at the time of the loss. There are no deductibles that would need to be met--you simply get a replacement instrument for no charge. Students will need to do regular care and maintenance to their instruments, but occasionally all instruments will need to have minor repairs and adjustments that can only be addressed in the shop. Our R&M plan covers these repairs at no charge to you.

Model: ANNRM48
Manufacturer: Fuller's Music

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