Gemeinhardt 3OSBNGGL Step-Up Flute, Solid Head, Body, Foot, Gold Lip Plate

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The Gemeinhardt New Generation 3SB (3SB-NG) intermediate flute is the evolution of the classic 3SB model for a new era of flutists. Featuring a sterling silver NG1 headjoint, silver body, and B footjoint, choice of inline G (3SB-NG) or offset G (3OSB-NG), newly designed French (open hole) keys, hidden under adjustment screws, and felts instead of cork on contact part of key arms. The Gemeinhardt 3SB-NG is also customizable with options including an E facilitator, or gold-plated lip plate. Comes complete with new stylish case and case cover with shoulder strap, and cleaning rod. The 3SB-NG is the perfect choice for the next generation of flutists looking for an incredible flute from a brand they can trust, Gemeinhardt.

Manufacturer: Gemeinhardt

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