Rental Instrument Options

We carry a full selection of top-quality NEW and USED BAND and ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS by the manufacturers that your Director recommends.  For Band students we stock new Yamaha, Selmer, Bach, King, Holton, Gemeinhardt, Eastman and Ludwig woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. For Orchestra students we stock new Scherl & Roth, Eastman and Amati brand stringed instruments.

In addition to new instruments, we also have a good selection of USED INSTRUMENTS that can be rented just like the new instruments but at lower monthly rental rates or shorter rental terms.  Most of our used instruments are Rental Returns--instruments that were returned to us because the student either switched to another instrument or opted not to continue in the program.  We also acquire some used instruments through trade-ins or purchases.  Every used instrument in our inventory is thoroughly checked, cleaned, sanitized, regulated and adjusted in our in-house Band or Orchestra Repair Shop and then outfitted with new accessories required for that instrument.  We stand 100% behind our used instruments just like we do our new ones.

USED INSTRUMENTS are categorized as follows:

USED A -- These instruments are in excellent condition and have minimal use--usually less than a school year.  These instruments show very little wear and are in great shape mechanically and cosmetically.

USED B -- These instruments have been used longer than the "A's" and thus will show more wear but are still in very good condition both cosmetically and mechanically.

Used instruments are great for families on a budget--their retail prices and their corresponding monthly rental rates are lower than new instruments.  Also, the term (number of rental payments necessary to acquire ownership) for used Orchestra instruments is shorter than it is for new ones.  Although we normally will have some used inventory available, we cannot always guarantee that will be the case as they are first-come, first-serve. 

If we are out of any New or Used Instrument, it will be designated in the Rental Instrument Selection page as “Out-of-Stock”.  You are welcome to call us to check on availability.  If you request an instrument on-line that we cannot supply, we will contact you with other options.

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