Rent To Own Plan

Our Rent to Own Plan is easily our most popular option for beginners as it is very flexible and affordable.  The biggest benefit of our Rent to Own Plan is it gives you the time needed to determine if your child is playing the correct instrument and whether purchasing is the right option for you. You totally control the timeline for these decisions. You continue the small monthly rental fee until a decision to purchase or return the instrument is reached.  You can return your rental without obligation if your child elects to switch instruments or decides not to continue in the program. 

Our Rent to Own Plan applies to any Band or Full-Size Orchestra Instrument.  Take as long as you need to determine your child's talent and interest level.  If your child decides not to continue in the band or orchestra class or your Director recommends switching to another instrument, you can return it back to us and your rental agreement will be cancelled, no questions asked. On the other hand, if they do well and you decide that purchasing the instrument would make sense, you will receive credit towards ownership for all the rental payments you have made.  You could either continue making the monthly rental payments until reaching the full term of rental payments (36 months or less) or pay off your agreement early and receive a significant discount. Early Payoffs receive a 25% discount off the balance at the time of settlement! 

We will be happy to work with you if your Director sees a need to recommend a switch to another instrument. You would return the original rental and start another rental agreement on the next instrument. You will be given full credit for up to 6 months’ rent from the first rental to the second.

To get started, a deposit of the first month's rental is required at the time of application.  The instrument will be delivered to your child's school as per the instructions of your director.  Your agreement would begin on the date that your child receives the instrument (you do not pay rental as it waits delivery to your student).  Having pre-paid your first month's rental, your second month's rental payment will be due 15-45 days following issue of the instrument as per the day of the month that you select.  Future monthly rental payments are handled by Automatic Monthly Draft on your credit or debit card.

After clicking Begin the Rental Process, you will be taken to the Rental Selection Page where you will navigate through your school district, your school and your director and then see the available instrument options for your program.  Once you select the correct instrument, you will see your choices of pricing levels (New, Used A and Used B) for that instrument. 

Beside each available selection, you will see the Monthly Rental Rate for that instrument.  Next, you will be taken to the Rental Application page where you will find the Rental Price for that instrument as well as the Rental Term (number of payments required to obtain ownership).  The Rental Price listed is what you would pay if you purchased the instrument by only paying the minimum monthly rental fee for the entire duration of the Rental Term.  Please be aware that you may opt to take advantage of our 25% Early Payoff Discount and take ownership at any point prior to the end of the Rental Term whereby you would see a significant savings off the Rental Price.  Most parents do take advantage of this savings incentive so few wind up paying the full Rental Price for their instrument.  Just call us for a current Payoff when you’re ready to consider this option.  Remember it’s 25% off your balance at the time of settlement, so the larger the balance, the more you save!

As you proceed through our On-Line Rental Application, you may elect to add our popular R&M (Replacement and Maintenance) coverage to your agreement.  You may also add specific accessory items and the method book that your Director recommends as you complete the rental application.  These are optional one-time purchases (uncheck the box if not desired) that will help your student get the most out of the instrument/music class and will not be reflected in your future monthly payments.  These items will be delivered with your child’s instrument as per the instructions of your Director.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need further information.  Call 252.638.2811 or email us: [email protected]

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