Renting Fractional Instruments

If you have an orchestra student who has been sized for a Fractional Size Instrument, we use what we call a monthly Rent-to-Rent Plan.  Under this agreement, you just rent the proper Fractional Size Orchestra Instrument on a month-to-month rental basis.  This plan does not have the option to purchase as your child will be outgrowing the smaller instrument.  These will normally be used instruments from our rotating Fractional Size Instrument Rental Pool.  We guarantee that they will perform to your Director’s standards and will get your Orchestra student off to a great start.

You can opt to return the rental if necessary and cancel your agreement at any time if your child drops out of the class before growing to need a Full-Size Instrument.   You can also switch to another type of Orchestra Instrument if your Director sees a need for that during this plan. You may exchange for the next size needed as your child grows.  There is no charge to exchange to a larger Fractional Size Instrument—you just continue your Monthly Rent to Rent Plan with the larger Fractional Size Instrument.  When you reach the point that your Director recommends moving to a Full-Size Instrument, you will be given credit of 1/2 of each rental payment made on the Fractional Size Instrument towards the Full-Size Instrument that you choose.  Just contact us whenever you become aware that your child is ready for a larger instrument and we will be happy to work with you to make the exchange possible through your Director if coming to our store is not convenient.

At that time you may elect to Rent to Own the Full-Size Instrument with your credit from the smaller instrument applied to the Rent to Own Agreement, or you may use your credit towards a discounted purchase of the Full-Size Instrument using either our Reverse Rental or Immediate Settlement Option.  Just contact us when you reach this point and we will be happy to explain all your options in detail so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Before beginning the Rental Application process, make sure you are certain of the size of the instrument needed!  We prefer that your Director make that determination, but if they are not available, you can use this link to our Orchestral Instrument Sizing page.

As you proceed through our On-Line Rental Application, you may elect to add our popular R&M (Replacement and Maintenance) coverage to your agreement.  You may also add specific accessory items and the method book that your director recommends as you complete the rental application.  These are optional one-time purchases (uncheck the box if not desired) that will help your student get the most out of the instrument/music class and will not be reflected in your future monthly payments.

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