Reverse Rental & Immediate Settlement Plans

If you prefer paying up front, getting a discount and avoiding monthly payments, these plans are for you!  Both our Reverse Rental and Immediate Settlement options offer a significant discount for paying in full prior to delivery.  Both plans offer deep discounts off our Rental Price that is used in our Rent to Own Plan for the instrument you are interested in.  You can find the Rental Price by clicking on the “Click Here to Begin the Rental Process” link at the bottom of the opening page in our Rental Portal.  Navigate thru the drop down lists until you reach the School and then the Director for your child’s class.  Next, you will see a drop down of the beginning instrument choices for your program.  Select the instrument and level you are interested in (ie., Trumpet: New, Used A or Used B).  This takes you to the Rental Application page for that instrument.  On this page you will find the Rental Price for that instrument. 

Here’s how these programs work:

Reverse Rental Program: This program is for those parents who would like to pay up front and get a “cash discount”, yet still retain the option of being able to return their instrument should you need to switch instruments or opt out of band and return the instrument. Under this plan you will receive a 30% discount off the Instrument Rental Price. If you decide to return your instrument, you will receive a full refund less a prorated “rental fee” based on the length of time that you possessed the instrument. The Rental Fee deducted from your refund is calculated at the time of the return based on the monthly rental rate of the instrument times the number of months you possessed it.  Your refund will be processed for you at the time of return.  A small deposit will reserve any new or used instrument. Partial payments prior to delivery can be made, but payment in full must be received before delivery.

Immediate Settlement: This is not a rental plan and is not usually recommended for first-time beginners. It is for parents who know what they want and would like a straight “cash price” with no return options. Under this plan you receive a 35% discount off the Instrument Rental Price. A small deposit will reserve either a new or used instrument. Partial payments prior to delivery can be made, but payment in full must be received before delivery. Please remember that this is an “all sales are final” situation with no return options (except warranty related issues).

Other Things to Know: 

You can add our popular R&M (Replacement and Maintenance) coverage to these plans.  Since they do not involve any monthly payments after you take possession of the instrument, we don’t offer R&M as a monthly charge.  You can place the instrument under this coverage using our Annual R&M Plan.  This is simply 12 times the monthly R&M rate for the instrument.  You can find the monthly rate for your instrument on the Rental Application page where the Rental Price is found.  The coverage is good for the entire year and can be renewed for subsequent years if you desire.  If you use the Reverse Rental Plan and opt to return your instrument, we will prorate a refund back to you for the unused portion of this payment.  If you desire this coverage, let us know and we will add it to your Invoice/Bill of Sale. 

You may also add specific accessory items and the method book that your director recommends.  These are optional one-time purchases that will help your student get the most out of the instrument/music class.  You can find the suggested items on the Rental Application page where you found the Instrument Rental Price.  Let us know if you would like any or all of the items added to your invoice.  These will be delivered to your child’s school with the instrument as per your Director’s instructions.

Remember that the discounts you will receive on the two plans mentioned are taken off the full rental price.  There is an attractive 25% Early Payoff Discount discount available through our Rent to Own Plan, but this only comes off of the remaining balance due at the time of settlement, so the amount of the discount decreases over time.  Both of the plans mentioned above give you very competitive and affordable ways to get your student a high-quality instrument and get the most “Bang for Your Buck”!

If interested in knowing more about any of these plans and options, please call, visit the store or email us at [email protected] letting us know the school and type of instrument needed and we will give you specific information relative to your situation.  We will create a formal sales agreement and you will receive a copy for your records that will detail all the conditions mentioned.

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